Raising The Roof

Once you tame those terrible behaviors, owning a dog is fun and warms your heart like nothing else!

Spending time with your dog is the best way to build your connection and bond with them. We love to create opportunities to celebrate and strengthen these connections, so we hope you will join our Raising the Roof Club activities!

  • FULLY Social - These events raise the roof in celebration for the love of all dogs and encourage you to spend time with other pet-owners! As clients, you can invite your family, friends and everyone’s well-intentioned dog to share in the fun!
  • Your dog is in caring hands that teach and reinforce fundamental life-skills
  • Certification Experiences - Every client will have an opportunity to pass a certification experience that will demonstrate your dog’s ability to live harmoniously in the human world. With each level you and your dog pass, you’ll receive a level-specific leash to display the success of your team work during our FULLY Social events and your personal outings!

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