Group Dog Training Classes

Great Start Beginning Skills

During each session, you will gain a deep understanding of canine communication that will be applicable for your dog’s entire life. Clients love the confidence they gain working with their dog since the content is far more impactful than typical obedience puppy preschool!

No more destroying furniture, potty problems in the house, biting/mouthing on human friends, pulling on a leash or darting at the door! Let us help you SAY YES to your puppy instead of always no, no, no!

  • Fundamental skills training lets you raise a puppy into a well-behaved adult dog. These fundamental skills will provide life-long benefits, far more impactful than just sit and stay.
  • Our systems help turn your puppy’s natural excitement for life into a love of training. We will empower you to work with your dog now and throughout it’s life.
  • Our core training program focuses on teach your dog emotional stability through energy control. Puppies pick up on this skill quickly when taught at an early age and will provide life-long benefits.
  • Your dog will learn to respond to your commands (nope, this doesn’t just happen on its own). 
  • A structured environment teaches your puppy to value your relationship, builds their confidence and establishes a path for long-term happiness for both of you. 


  • Routine to fit your family’s lifestyle
  • Proper nutrition
  • Potty & crate training essentials
  • Energy control & relaxation
  • Train your puppy to think & make good choices
  • Elementary obedience commands (sit, down, beginning come/recall)
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Door Manners
  • Handler focus & engagement

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$350 - 6 weekly sessions.


Dog Moms Unite Outdoor training with social experience for you and your dog

Calling all Dog Moms!

Join us each month, May-September, by getting outdoors, enjoying nature, meeting new friends, and learning how to love quality time with that furry friend! This is a great time of year to love living in Utah and we want to help you take advantage of the beautiful weather and landscape in our community.

Dog Moms Unite is a class designed to learn to work with your dog around outdoor distractions at a pace your dog can learn and succeed! It is a fun social experience for you and your dog. Full House Dog Training hosts this ladies-only training class each month from May-September. Reserve your spot today to enjoy a unique outdoor training experience to help you and your dog.

  • Class days: Thursday mornings, 4 sessions per class, held each month May-September.
  • Meeting locations: outdoor venues in the Herriman/Riverton area.


  • Fun and safe socialization with other dogs
  • Focus and paying attention around distractions
  • Leash work
  • Recall/come command
  • Trail manners

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$199 – 4 sessions


Top Dog (at least 4 months of age)

Want your pooch to be the top dog of the neighborhood? Creating a winning relationship of trust and respect are at the core of this class. You will set your dog up for long-term success as we add elevated distractions and multiple variables to elevate your dog’s training. This course will lead your dog through new adventures in the human world, including visits to outdoor locations and dog-friendly businesses.

This class builds on our Great Start class.

  • Small classes for elevated trainer interaction with you and your dog
  • Learn to read your dog’s body language
  • Create structure and boundaries in a way that helps your dog gain confidence and basic life skills
  • Continue to teach your dog how to think critically in more difficult situations and still make good choices


  • Routine fits your family’s lifestyle
  • Proper nutrition and crate training
  • Increased socialization opportunities
  • Developing doggy’s thinking skills
  • Increase your dog’s ability to respond to basic commands with higher levels of distractions and distance from you
  • Elevate your dog’s ability to remain calm and less reactive even in higher distraction environments
  • Enhanced leash skills including “heel”
  • Outdoor, real-world experiences and visits to dog-friendly businesses to prepare for your personal adventures

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$300 - 6 weekly sessions.

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Off-Leash & Reliable (6 Months +)

This class with continue to build on the knowledge gained in our fundamental classes or is open to dogs who can demonstrate a solid foundation of training. Our approach to e-collar training is unique and creates a sense of excitement for the dog. Don’t be turned of by bad PR on e-collar training! This class will give you a whole new perspective on proper use of this powerful tool and open you and your dog up to a great sense of adventures together!

  • Through the use of a remote training collar, you’ll teach your dog a new communication style that rewards the response to low-level stimulation. You’ll be amazed at our unique method to motivate and communicate with your dog using an e-collar
  • With this new form of communication, you’ll understand how low-levels of stimulation can continue to build your relationship with your dog and give them a new range of freedom as they earn it


  • Routine fits your family’s lifestyle
  • Proper nutrition and crate training
  • Socialization opportunities in densely populated locations
  • On-going development of doggy’s thinking skills
  • Teach basic commands & leash skills through this new form of communication to increase speed of response and elevate motivation
  • Off-leash reliability with distractions and distance
  • Outings to dog-friendly businesses to improve social skills

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$450, includes a personal remote collar that you will own at the end of the class, plus a slip lead leash.



Meet Your Trainer

Tracie Kay is the owner and head trainer at Full House Dog Training, but this journey is a family affair. The Kay family considers their canine companions additional members of their family. Thus, the name Full House, perfectly fits a family of five active humans and three dogs all living under one roof! About Full House


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