Forever Home Transition

Joining Your Family At Home

When your puppy reaches 10 weeks of age, they will be ready to join your family. We simplify the transition and guide you through your new pet-parent responsibilities. Whether this is your first puppy or you’ve enjoyed this experience in the past, we want to share all that we’ve learned to make this the most enjoyable bond you’ve ever had with your new family companion for years to come.

  • As a new pet-parent, you’ll receive a comprehensive guide book that continues to build on the knowledge your puppy learned while in our care. We’ll help you ease into your new adventure and develop a well-mannered, low-maintenance family companion. Each stage of a dog’s life is important to its development, but as you create a solid foundation in the first few months of your puppy’s life, you set your dog up to be more confident and successful, while reducing future frustrations and headaches.
  • You’ll also receive a bag of high-quality food to help you continue to provide the vital nutrition your large breed puppy will need to grow properly. Nutrition plays a critical role in every dog’s quality of life, but the Great Weimar breed also has unique factors because of its size and growth rate. Only certain dog food will fulfill the needs of your puppy now and through adulthood.
  • Your puppy will come home with a transitional blanket or toy that they’ve enjoyed while in our care to comfort them during the transition.
  • Puppy owners are provided with a foundational puppy training package that includes three sessions. We require all in-state puppy owners to attend these sessions so we can ensure you start your new puppy experience off on the right foot and that you’re committed to providing the best possible care for your new companion. During these sessions, we’ll continue to build our relationship with you and your dog. This is a lifetime partnership, and we’re here to help you through every stage.

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