Value Of Early Socialization & Life Skills

Creating the perfect pet – Unmatched socialization & Great Weimar development

Canine socialization should be a life-long pursuit for every dog owner and is key to molding the perfect pet! Just like you, your dog is much more comfortable in an environment that he has experienced over and over, in a positive way.

  • Our puppies begin a very structured socialization process starting just days after they are born. Each stage of their socialization provides positive associations with their new world and prepares them for the day when they will become a member of your family. Puppies are engaged a variety of mental, social and neurological stimulations. Each puppy experiences common sights, sounds, objects and environments, along with people of different ages and characteristics, to build their confidence and abilities, while minimizing future fears and typical anxieties.

Does socialization really matter?

  • Maybe you’ve experienced the challenges of a dog who cowers when they hear loud sounds, charges the door barking every time the doorbell rang or possibly had aggression towards other dogs or people. All of these fears and moments of anxiety can be drastically reduced or eliminated when proper early puppy socialization takes place. Puppies start developing and learning about their environment hours after birth. Exposure to a wide variety of experiences will reduce their fears and anxieties because they’ve already had positive exposure before serious issues develop.

The magic of 10 weeks

By 10 weeks of age, we feel your dog is ready to join your family with a wide variety of positive experiences under it’s belt.

  • 3-16 days old – neurological stimulation exercises begin to kick start the nervous system. This catalyst has long-term benefits including reducing disease, stimulating brain activity, reduce heart rate and increasing blood flow to the puppy’s extremities.
  • 14 days old – puppies are introduced to a potty box in their living area. At this early age we capitalize on the pups’ desire to keep their sleeping and potty spaces separate. Over the next 8 weeks before the join your family, we work diligently to make potty training a very seamless process for their transition to their new routine in your home.
  • 3 weeks old – puppies are introduced to solid foods including goats milk, cottage cheese and raw, ground meat. This early phase of weaning them from their mother’s milk supports their fast growth rate that requires a higher volume of quality nutrition.
  • 4 weeks old – our home is now open for visitors and we schedule regular visits from a wide variety of individuals. We strive to have your puppy meet over 50 people before they leave our home! We screen our visitors and make sure the puppies health and safety from outside illnesses is our number one priority. Visitors have a check list of skills they work with each puppy to help us develop motor skills, proper socialization skills and overcome fears that individual puppies may have.
  • 7-8 weeks old – puppies are introduced to collars and leashes so they can start to develop early leash manners. Additionally, we start creating positive associations with crate time in a slow and progressive routine.?
  • 8-10 weeks – puppies go on field trips to dog-friendly establishments to start to increase their exposure to their world. This continues to expand their socialization skills and reduces fears of unknown experiences.

All of the hours and hours of dedicated service we devote to each puppy in our program, pays off when we hear comments from pet-parents like these:


L. Bird, Idaho

Amazing! You have done a fantastic job training and socializing Raya (now Nala). It's been much easier for us than we thought to transition her into our home. She picked out a treat and toy from the store today. So many people have complimented her beauty as well as her sweet manners. Thank you so much for the amount of work and effort you intentionally put in to these pups to make them wonderful members of society! She went to Lowe's and Home Depot today and did fantastic. One of my favorite characteristics is that she sits for positive attention instead of jumping. She really does do what you told us!


J. Higgs, Utah

Full House Great Weimars excels in the care and training of each puppy. Their program is the best I have ever seen or experienced. The level of care and love that was given to our puppy from day one was absolutely exceptional. She arrived to us confident, happy, well loved, very well socialized and nearly 100% potty trained! The transition classes and training sessions have helped us with the confidence and tools we need to be sure we are giving our puppy the very best as well. We are very pleased with our overall experience with Full House Great Weimars and would highly recommend them and this breed in general. We love our Full House Great Weim!


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