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Day Training Programs

This win-win training program lets your dog enjoy his time with us, learning and playing with other dogs during the day. He then returns back home with you each night so you can see his accomplishments and begin incorporating and reinforcing his new routine immediately into your life!

2 Week Basic Program (Monday-Friday)

Our Basic Day Training program focuses on empowering you with a deep understanding of your dog. Skills will allow you to create a foundation of emotional stability through energy control & handler engagement, beginning leash walking and recall command around mild distractions. Your dog will learn basic manners and gain a greater respect for you as you learn to properly distribute rewards your dog values when he makes positive choices. This program also provides owner transition lessons, proper dog socialization and play time.

4 Week Expanded Program (Monday-Friday)

Calling all crazy dogs! This expanded program is focused on helping owners with bigger frustrations! Your personalized program will provide the same empowerment and concepts as the 2 week program, but elevates your dog’s ability to control it’s emotions around higher level distractions during field trips or digs in deeper to address more intense emotional responses.


  • Transition Lessons – these programs include opportunities for you to work with your trainer and your dog during key sessions so you can celebrate your dog’s successes and learn how to properly reinforce the training at home.
  • 1 FREE Home Visit - at the end of your program, you can schedule one home visit to ensure everything you’ve learned with your dog are smoothly integrated into your daily routine. This visit is very beneficial to the long-term success of your relationship with your dog.
  • FREE enrollment in an unlimited number of Client Practice Classes for the life of your dog, so you can continue building your dog’s manners throughout his life.

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