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Understanding Your Dog's Body Language

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By   |   14 Mar 2019


As humans, reading another person's body language is one way we can gain insight into the deeper emotions others are experiencing. When another person greets us with a warm smile and relaxed posture we recognize that person as someone who is open to further interaction and friendship. On the flip side, if we are greeted with a glaring look and closed off stance we generally interpret their body language to mean "back off!!"

Just like humans, a dog's body language can act as a guide for how they are feeling on a deeper, more emotional level. Learning to read a dog's body language is an important part of recognizing the emotional needs of your dog.

Signs that your dog is stressed:

- Pacing or restlessness

- Lip Licking

- Ears pinned back or flattened against the head

- "Whale" eyes, when a dog moves his eyes to see rather than his entire head. You will notice the dog staring out of the corner of their eye and you will see the white of their eyes appear.

- Increased shedding

- Tucking their tails and muscles tensing

- Change in body functions

Signs that your dog is relaxed:

- "Puppy dog" eyes, your dog with blink often and their gaze is soft

- Relaxed mouth and floppy ears

- Tail wags

- Nondestructive behavior

- Enjoys playtime

- Relaxed tongue

- Enjoys eating

- Belly up and tongue out

- Leaning into your hand as you pet them

To read more about recognizing your dog's body language check out this great article from Modern Dog Magazine https://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/how-read-your-dogs-body-language/415

Understanding your dog's emotions is a gateway into their behavior. Full House Dog Training focuses on emotional stability to create a dog who can rationale think for themselves and strive to behave in ways that deliver rewards of value! If you have a dog with any of the stress signals reviewed above, we'd love to help you learn more about the connection between these communication efforts and your dog's behavior. Happy, relaxed dog means enjoyment for the whole family!

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