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How to Find the Right Breed for You

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By   |   04 Feb 2019


Whether you are a first-timer, or seasoned dog owner in South Jordan, Utah choosing a breed of dog will be one of the biggest decisions you make when adding a new member to your family. Giving serious thought to this decision will help to ensure a breed that will mesh with your lifestyle. This decision can often be overwhelming and challenging due to the variety of options available in the world of dog breeds. When beginning the process of selecting a breed, it is important to consider characteristics that will fit your family dynamics.

Turtle or the hare – what is your family's speed?

Are you an active family that is looking for a breed that can keep with your on-the-go agenda? A higher energy breed will require more daily exercise and mental stimulation. You will want to consider if that is something your family will be able to provide. Or would your family prefer a less active dog that thrives on a slower paced schedule?

What type of coat length do you prefer?

Often the deal breaker for a pet owner is how much their dog will shed and how often the dog will need to be groomed. Breed by breed, the shedding factor will vary. If your dog will be indoors most of the day, you will want to consider the added work of having a higher shedding dog. If dog allergies are a concern for your family, a short haired coat or a hypoallergenic coat will be a better fit. You will want to evaluate if you have the resource for grooming and upkeep of your dog's coat.

Big dog, little dog – what will it be?

The amount of living and yard space will play an important part in evaluating what size of dog will be the best fit for your environment. For example, if you live in an apartment and outside space is limited, you may need to exercise your dog at a local park. If you desire a lap dog, your space requirements will be far less. If you have young children consider how they will handle the interaction and play with the dog.

What makes each breed tick?

Each breed has unique characteristics and strengths. Familiarize yourself with those characteristics to help narrow down your breed options that will best match your family. If you are considering a breed prone to high energy and intelligence you will want to make sure you are willing to put in the time and effort to help build a solid training foundation for your dog. If you choose a working dog many of those breeds come with an innate herding instinct. You may come home to find your dog herding and nipping at the heels of your children! Knowing the breed tendencies beforehand will help you have a realistic perspective before they become a full-time member of your family.

Along with evaluating these areas there are also great online tools available to help you narrow down your breed options. The American Kennel Club offers a free online evaluation, as well as numerous other sites. Explore three or four of these questionnaires and see which breed results are common between them. These are some of the breeds you should seriously consider! Taking the time to prepare and research will provide you with a great match to your family's lifestyle and greater compatibility for years to come!

Full House Dog Training also provides clients with a valuable service of helping you review possible breeders, then selecting the right puppy in the litter to further fit the energy and activity level of your household! If you'd like to insure your new family member is the best match possible, let us help guide you and share our insights into temperament and personality of your new pup!








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