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New Puppy Quick Tips

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By   |   02 Jan 2019

The holiday craze hit Riverton, Utah. During this season of gift giving did you or someone you know add a puppy to your family? Here are a few things to consider when brining home a new puppy.

Do you have all the supplies necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible for both your puppy and the entire family?  Here are a few must-have items:

    • ** Collar and leash
    • ** Blanket or bed 
    • ** Chew toys
    • ** Food and water bowls
    • ** High quality food
    • ** Grooming supplies
    • ** Schedule visit with a vet
As new owners, having realistic expectations about the amount of time and attention a new puppy needs from you is another important component. Here are a few items to consider when thinking about the time and attention your puppy will need. 
  • ** Potty outings every 2-4 hours to start creating a positive training routine.
  • ** Socializing with a variety of people and trustworthy dogs; take your puppy as many places as possible. AVOID locations with heavy dog traffic such as dog parks and pet stores until they are fully vaccinated.
  • ** Veterinarian care including puppy shots and check-ups followed by annual exams for well puppies. 

One of the questions perspective puppy owners should ask themselves is if they are prepared for their puppy’s transition home. A puppy's transition to a new home is a major shock to their world. Everything they have ever known is changing. They are in a strange place with unfamiliar people, smells and experiences. Try and remember to see things from the puppy’s perspective when they are whining, barking and struggling the first few days. Here are a few more tips to help get you navigate the initial transition period.

    • ** First night home– bring your puppy into your home early in the day so it has several hours to acclimate to the new environment. At night, put the puppy in a kennel in a room with humans. The puppy will be more comfortable when it can hear and smell you!
    • ** Covering the kennel will also help the puppy to relax and disengage from everything going on around them.
    • ** Feed your puppy in the kennel to start building value and security in this special space.


One of THE biggest mistake owners make is giving their puppy too much freedom too quickly. Unless you are directly engaging with your puppy – playing, potty time, walking, training, your puppy should be kenneled or tethered (leash hooked to a flat buckle collar with the other end attached to an immovable object). Make the containment comfortable with blankets/beds, toys and bones. Keep the puppy in the same room as you so they can adjust to your household routine. You’d never let a toddler free in your house to roam, so use the same safety precautions with your puppy. This will help with potty training, minimizing destruction in your home and jumping/biting on humans.

Once your pup has settled in, training should be the next step.  Let Full House Dog Training help guide you to creating a great dog who will bring wonderful moments to your family!

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