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Dog Training Secrets - Revealed

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By   |   01 Apr 2019


Are you frustrated by repeat offenses in your dog's behavior? Do you feel like you've watched YouTube videos, read books and blogs, and searched the internet looking for the secret training solution?

Full House Dog Training is ready to reveal the key ingredients you need to unlock the mysteries to your training dilemmas… STRUCTURE AND CONSISTENCY!

What? Are you still scratching your head?

So often our dog-training applications can feel very hit and miss. We try something we heard about or watched on some edited training video that only shows the success of the dog being trained. These training success stories don't show the weeks of consistent application of a set series of steps that were exercised in a structured environment. Dog training success occurs when patterns are built, then applied over and over again. Dog's learn through repetition of successfully completing individual steps that, in turn, motivate the dog to finally achieving a target behavior.

Many of a dog's challenges come through misfires in the guessing game you create for them on a daily basis. Some days you feel like towing the line to a T, other days your expectations are looser. The dog is stuck in limbo each time it approaches a given scenario. The dog is left discerning what mood you are in today and where you will offer rewards or a punishment. A moving target makes it difficult for your dog to hit the bullseye AND actually escalates their anxiousness because their mind is spinning to calculate what their next move should be.


  • 1) For any given behavior challenge – jumping on guests, getting in the garbage, being calmer in a kennel – determine what your final target behavior will be. You need to have a clear understanding of your expectation so you can direct your dog on an efficient path that doesn't wind in various directions based on your daily thoughts.
  • NOTE – all members of your household need to be on the same page and the speediest success comes when everyone applies the same patterns and maintains consistency in training application.
    • 2) Break down your long-term, target behavior into smaller slices that will build on each other to develop the final behavior. If your dog is jumping, don't start with training only when guests come to the door. Determine smaller segments of that behavior that start when no one is at the door or maybe just when you, as the owner, come through the door.

    • 3) Dogs are learning moment by moment with each choice they make. You need to be prepared for each of those teaching opportunities by properly punishing, then rewarding to set the boundaries of right and wrong that will guide your dog down the path you envision. You need to be mobile with your teaching tools – high value food rewards and your squirt bottle should be with you at all times. YES, I said at all times! Your dog will watch you put your treat pouch on and act differently knowing it's time to be on their best behavior.

    • 4) Make sure your dog has OVERWHELMING success in a variety of environments at each step of progress before moving on. Too often the progression is too fast and the foundation of learning crumbles because the dog isn't secure in the pattern before moving to the next slice of developing the target behavior. 
    • Creating consistent communication with your dog empowers him to choose behaviors that provide the valuable rewards he is seeking. If he doesn't know what activates the release of your rewards, you leave him guessing, therefore hindering progress.
      If you need guidance to create a plan for achieving target behaviors through structure and consistency, Full House Dog Training is ready to assist you in any aspect of achieving your training goals!