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Creating A Sweet Life For Your Dog- Part 1

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By   |   11 Feb 2019


In today's world of free spirits, Millennial independence, and people seeking more time, freedom and balance in their life, it is difficult to sometimes comprehend how setting limits and reducing options can be liberating. In your own life, as well as the life of your dog, setting boundaries and identifying positive choices can reduce stress and therefore clear our minds of clutter and chaos.

As you work with your dog, these same principles apply, especially in younger dogs or those with an abundance of energy or emotional instability.  Energy, too many choices to think about, no ability to rationalize thoughts, and getting caught up in emotions are all elements that reduce your dog's ability to make good choices. By setting boundaries and communicating clear expectations to your dog, you begin to guide their thoughts, reduce potential bad behaviors, and help them slow down long enough to begin considering more positive choices.

 As your dog's caregiver and advocate, it's up to you to create proper boundaries for healthy and happy living. Want to know more? Check out these additional benefits of boundaries to facilitate a harmonious environment for you and your dog.

Benefits of Setting Boundaries

1) Reduces your dog's myriad of choices. Creating an environment for your dog with fewer choices is a loving way to increase your dog's ability to make a positive choice. Rewarding those positive choices also motivates repeated good behavior.

2) Reduces anxious and nervous behavior in dogs. Helping your dog avoid sifting through endless choices to gain your approval infuses your furry buddy with confidence and contentment.

3) Reduces conflicts between you and your dog. No more continuous battling over right and wrong! Focus on building a trusting relationships through proper guidance.

4) Reduces owner frustration. Engage in shifting your behavior from constantly telling your dog "NO", to saying "YES" more often.

5) Creates clear expectations for your dog with an understanding of positive and negative consequences. Fewer choices means greater access to positive consequences for proper behavior.

Final noteFormal training is a great way to promote good behavior and provide your dog—and you—with a proper foundation to work from. But, practical application of boundaries and delivering timely and consistent consequences throughout the day can be far more impactful for your dog's learning than a formal training session on developing positive choices and a calmer mind. Dogs are learning moment-by-moment, each and every day. Don't let those teaching moments slip away as you only focus on the training exercises you didn't get to that day!

Check out next week's blog post, Creating A Sweet Life for your Dog - Part 2, to learn how to create guidance for your dog through setting boundaries!

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