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Containment--Five Winning Benefits

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By   |   27 Aug 2019

To Contain, or Not to Contain? We have five winning benefits that come from properly containing your dog!


At the root of nearly every behavior problem is a dog who doesn't know how to relax. You probably know someone who is always worried about the little things in life, that person who thinks the sky is always falling, or the one who continually blows up when they feel even just a little stressed. Dogs are very similar in dealing with their emotions!

For a dog, containment is an opportunity to present a low level of stress and frustration into your dog's world and begin teaching them how to constructively work through challenges with a positive outcome. Containment is created using a kennel, a leash for tethering to an immovable object, or a pen that reduces the dog's freedom. When dogs are rewarded for relaxation while under this low level of stress, they begin to understand and recognize improvements in their ability to be more calm as owners acknowledge and reward for those small milestones.


Dogs grasp the potty training routine and innate desire to keep their sleeping space clean when we use containment that reduces their space to two options: sleep and potty. Dogs express their need to go potty when in smaller spaces so they don't soil their sleeping area. Over time, as they keep the small amount of space clean, you can provide more space and expect the same behavior.


Would you let a young child roam your house without supervision? Absolutely not! So why do people expose their dogs to all the same hazards in the house? Dogs can chew on electrical cords, choke on ingested materials, and be presented with a long list of other safety concerns while on their own in your home.


Want to keep your shoes, carpet, and furniture intact? Containment reduces the opportunities for your dog to destroy your belongings. No matter what age, your dog can decide that while you are in the other room or out for the night, he will enjoy food left out or gnawing on the leg of your kitchen table.


Containment, especially for new puppies or dog's with bad habits, is a way to give owners a break from always managing their dog's naughty behaviors. When a dog is contained, you know where the dog is, and when they’re properly supervised, what they are doing at all times so you can ease your stress of searching the house for a dog who is up to no good.

Containment, no matter what form, presents invaluable opportunities for a dog to learn. Every learning experience, when executed properly, develops skills for your dog that bring you joy and encourages their love of living life with you! Let Full House Dog Training teach you proper containment opportunities that bring these big-five wins into your dog's world!

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