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Benefits of Picking a Quality Breeder

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By   |   23 Sep 2019

Among the many benefits that stem from working with a quality dog breeder, good genetics, healthy socialization, proper training and meaningful support make up key components to for successfully picking a puppy that best fits with you and family.

Genetics – Socialization – Training - Support

A purebred dog isn’t always a guarantee to the best match for your family, but genetics do provide the foundation of things like musculature, health, drive, focus, personality and temperament. Working with a breeder who responsibility breeds dogs to produce a calm, intelligent, healthy dog, helps meaningful companionship and a joyful, bonded experience with the pet you choose.

Breeders should first and foremost be selective in the parents they choose to be mated. Backyard breeders and puppy mills whose sole intent is to make money, disregard the gene pool being introduced to the world and should be avoided. Simply putting two dogs together to make a buck causes harm to the breed, the dogs’ quality of life, and to the families who try to adopt them.

A quality breeding program means only working with one or two litters at a time. It is an intense and time consuming process that is undertaken with sincere love for dogs and done to produce the true working companions and family members people hope to find when bringing a dog into their lives.

Along with genetics, which can weigh heavily on the personality and temperament of your dog, socialization in the first 16 weeks of life, often referred to as the “golden window” of socialization, has an even greater impact on developing a family-friendly adult dog. Puppies should experience a wide range of people, animals, objects, sights, sounds, textures, smells frustrations and more, multiple times a day before leaving the breeder. This process should begin within a couple of days of birth and continue at appropriate levels for the puppy’s age and development level, with the goal of making the puppy’s transition into a new home as smooth as possible.

Did you know that potty training habits can begin at 14 days of age? Why struggle with introducing your dog to a kennel for the first time when you bring your puppy home? These are skills a breeder should already have created as part of a solid foundation upon which new puppy owners can build for. Don’t settle for anything less from your breeder!

Finally, a good reputable breeder won’t simply provide you with the perfect pup. They’ll support you with an array of additional benefits like,

* continuing knowledge and education about your dog and its breed
* offering training programs
* selecting the right food
* providing a timeline of what to expect through your puppy’s growth cycle
* helping match you with the puppy that’s best suited to your household
When the time comes for you to bring your furry new friend home, find a breeder who has taken advantage of each day of the puppy’s life. The combination of genetics, socialization, training and support will ensure that the cuddles you’ll soon share will be with the right pup for your life. If you need guidance in selecting the right breed of dog and ultimately the best breeder, Full House Dog Training will happily guide you in this process to ensure you have a stress-free and rewarding experience!

Did you know…

 10,000 Puppy Mills are estimated to be currently active in the United States.

 194,000+ dogs are kept solely for breeding in USDA-licensed facilities.

 2 Million puppies are sold each year after originating from a puppy mill.


Link to the Human Societies information and learn more about why puppy mills and pet stores are not the best options for a new puppy. https://www.humanesociety.org/all-our-fights/stopping-puppy-mills

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