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By   |   14 Apr 2020

As home schooling and working from home continue, how is your dog handling the changes in the daily routine around your house?  Dogs are creatures of habit and learn through patterns, so a disruption to their normal patterns can bring about unusual behaviors that may have you scratching your head.  While it may be tricky to control a lot of elements in your world these days, here are a few ideas to help your dog’s routine have some consistency.

1) Get the entire family involved in training. Divide up the training, so multiple family members are involved in creating a consistent training schedule for your pup.  Your dog will build trust and stronger communication skills by spending time with multiple people.  

2) Structure is powerful. After your junior training staff is empowered, it’s also beneficial to your dog’s success if all minds share the same goals.  Select one or two aspects of your daily routine such as opening and closing of doors so the dog doesn’t escape, jumping on guests or stealing food from the table, and establishing a training approach that all members of the household will follow on that specific experience.

3) Keep training simple. Work on one to two core mental stimulation exercises each day, plus add one additional skill-based exercise focused on your highest priority frustration, such as door dashing or leash manners.  

4) Create a plan. Set aside 10-15 minutes each day for each exercise.  Spread your training out during the day, so it’s not overwhelming to your schedule and provides break times during your day to focus on something new.

5) Focus on fun and progress. Keep the training environment controlled at a level where your dog and family members who share in the training can learn and enjoy their time together. Have patience teaching your apprentices, as well as the dog!  New routines and habits in your day take time to develop, so start slow and be flexible.

Creating a well-mannered dog isn’t an overnight process, but daily, consistent training, and baby steps aimed towards a particular goal will have you headed in the right direction in very little time.  Reach out for help if you are confused about where to start or feel overwhelmed by adding training to your already busy day.  Full House Dog Training offers our expert guidance to help owners sort through a variety of scheduling challenges and created training plans for numerous frustrating behaviors.  We are ready to help you and your family, too!

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