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What's In The Bowl? - blog post image

What's In The Bowl?

25 Nov 2020

THANKSGIVING. You know what that means… holiday traditions, family time, and a fabulous FEAST. You... Read more

Obedience, a Facade to Changing Behavior - blog post image

Obedience, a Facade to Changing Behavior

25 Oct 2020

There are moments that can turn into days, weeks, or months of continual frustration with your dog’s behavior. Maybe you dread taking your dog on... Read more

The Pattern Of Success - blog post image

The Pattern Of Success

17 Sep 2020

If practice makes perfect, then what if we only practiced perfect patterns to lead to desired behaviors?  If all your dog knew was one pattern,... Read more

The WALK - blog post image


14 Aug 2020

Not me! Nope, it’s not my turn. I did it yesterday!

Is taking your dog on a walk a complete nightmare? Is your shoulder... Read more

It's All In Their Head - blog post image

It's All In Their Head

20 Jul 2020

So many owners hit a breaking point with their dog’s behaviors when they ask themselves, “What was I thinking when we added this... Read more

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